Top 3 BU and DR Approaches Emerging During Covid-19

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Recorded on October 27th 12:00 noon ET. “Top 3 BU and DR Approaches Emerging During Covid-19”

Guest Speaker: Tony Giannini, Senior Manager, Integrated Services Engagement at CDW. 

Stacy Hayes, Managing Director, Americas, Assured Data Protection will moderate each session. “These subjects are top of mind for IT directors everywhere,” Mr. Hayes explained. “From a big picture view down to a case study snapshot, we can help inform IT management on peer group responses to current data management challenges, particularly during this pandemic.”

About Assured Data Protection

Assured Data Protection brings more than 100 years of industry experience in managing data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions as a managed service provider. The Company delivers tailored solutions based on the Rubrik cloud data management platform to meet individual client needs in an affordable and achievable manner. It supports enterprises with data needs ranging from 5TB to multiple petabytes across any number of sites, from on-premise private clouds to hybrid cloud approaches.

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