Welcome to Assured DP

Data is important to any organization but it can sometimes feel like protecting your data can be a bit of a convoluted challenge. It needn’t be. In the world we live in today we expect things to be simple, easy and instant. So why should protecting your data be any different?

Here at Assured DP we deliver the latest Rubrik technology as a service, from design and implementation through to monitoring and management. Rubrik offers a solution like no other, it was developed to incorporate modern day expectations and advancing technology to create a new way of data backup and storage.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Instant Recovery

Reduce RTO from hours to minutes by mounting VMs, SQL and Oracle databases directly from the Rubrik platform.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Lower Total Cost Of Ownership

Reduce TCO by 30% – 50% immediately from software convergence.

Back and Disaster Recovery. Automated discovery.

Easy To Set Up

Rack and go with automated discovery.

Our Service

It’s not often you find something that you believe in so much that you would hang your hat on it. Well, we’ve done just that! With years of experience in the world of data we believe we have found the best solution on the market – Rubrik.

The Rubrik technology delivers automated backup, recovery, archival, search, cloud, and development in a simple, scale-out platform built for hybrid cloud. Assured DP delivers Rubrik to customers ranging from 5TB to multiple petabytes, across any number of sites.

Don’t just take our word for it

Take a look at other organizations who have implemented Rubrik through Assured DP and are already benefitting and seeing an improved environment.