Assured DP’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) provides the ability to recover all your critical company IT systems offsite without the need for a secondary data centre.

In the event of a significant IT failure your servers, applications and data can be brought online rapidly allowing your business to continue operating with minimum disruption. Our solution is fully managed, flexible and scalable, allowing your business to have systems fully recovered by us at a geographically independent site, leaving your IT resources free to handle operations locally.

Optional Virtual Desktop as a Service 

This service includes a fully customised Virtual Desktop platform, providing end users with a secure, globally accessible desktop which is supported on many popular computing devices including web, mobile, desktop and BYOD.

The source image can be converted from an existing Virtual Desktop environment or created from a standard Windows desktop VM. Assured DP will guide you through the process of creating, storing and updating this image.

The desktop platform is highly scalable providing from tens to thousands of desktops on demand allowing end users to work flexibly from home or other locations, significantly reducing the need for any contingency work areas for personnel.