Assured Data Protection Publishes White Paper on Advantages of Outsourcing Data Backup

Assured Data Protection, the prominent IT managed services provider for cloud data management solutions, announced the availability of a new white paper describing the benefits to IT departments of outsourcing data backup and disaster recovery functions.  The complimentary business-focused paper is available for immediate download by clicking here.

As data proliferation grows exponentially, traditional in-house, hands-on data management strategies cannot keep pace.  This white paper delves into the savings and benefits that IT departments can achieve by moving critical backup, DR and business continuity activities to outsourced experts. It also describes what IT directors should expect from a service provider and defines the company characteristics which make outsourcing a viable alternative.

“The complexity, labour-intensity and expense of handling backup and DR in-house has reached proportions that most mid-market companies can no longer master or afford alone,” explains Stacy Hayes, Managing Director, Americas.  “This white paper outlines the business considerations and steps that every IT Director should examine to determine whether they have reached that tipping point in which outsourcing these functions makes sound business sense.”

One of the many key advantages described in the white paper is the ability for IT management to shift costs for these functions from hefty upfront, capital expense outlays to monthly, affordable pay-as-you-grow models.

For IT Directors who recognize that their current backup and disaster recovery solution lacks true reliability, takes too much time and requires increasing numbers of staff hours each day to maintain, the 10-page white paper, “Advantages of Moving Data Backup and Disaster Recovery to a Managed Services Model” can shed light on this leading trend in cloud data management.  Download it now.

About Assured Data Protection

Assured Data Protection brings more than 100 years of industry experience in managing data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions as a managed service provider. The Company delivers tailored solutions based on the Rubrik cloud data management platform to meet individual client needs in an affordable and achievable manner. It supports enterprises with data needs ranging from 5TB to multiple petabytes across any number of sites, from on-premise private clouds to hybrid cloud approaches. For more information, visit