Assured Data Protection Launches ProtectView Platform

ProtectView Enables Enterprises and Managed Service Providers to Monitor, Manage and Scale Rubrik Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Capabilities Across All Cloud and IT Infrastructures

Washington DC, US, and Leeds, UK, January 26th, 2021Assured Data Protection, the prominent IT managed services provider for cloud data protection solutions, today announced the launch of ProtectView, a centralised platform that enables businesses to proactively manage their entire Rubrik estate to support real-time data protection, data backup and disaster recovery. ProtectView provides enterprises and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with real-time visibility of all Rubrik systems and assets, across any cloud and on-premises IT infrastructures, via a single management user interface.

Rubrik is a cloud-based data management solution that provides integrated backup, data protection and disaster recovery capabilities and functionality. ProtectView enables businesses to continuously monitor and manage their Rubrik operations, and to quickly identify and resolve issues when they appear. It can be deployed instantly across on-premises, cloud and edge computing IT infrastructures to provide a fully automated service that supports data compliance, analytics and data management.

ProtectView’s automated processes helps to eliminate manual interventions, driving new efficiencies and freeing-up vital resources to address core IT responsibilities. Real-time reporting provides businesses with a granular view of their entire Rubrik estate. Based on a flexible pricing model, the scalable platform can operate on a single node or multiple-node Rubrik clusters, depending on specific customer requirements.

Assured Data Protection has a strong heritage in providing backup and disaster recovery services to the enterprise. Its customers span a wide range of commercial segments, including financial services, legal, pharmaceuticals and the public sector. The company also holds the distinction of being the first and largest MSP of Rubrik cloud data management services. In addition, it was the first MSP to receive official Rubrik Authorised Support Partner (RASP) accreditation. ProtectView skilfully combines the company’s data protection and managed service expertise with its in-depth knowledge of Rubrik.

ProtectView also provides the channel with a compelling new proposition. MSPs, resellers and distributors now have the opportunity to provide their channel partners with a dedicated Rubrik management platform. MSPs and other vendors can offer ProtectView as a managed service to help customers adopt Rubrik, or scale their existing Rubrik operations.

Simon Chappell, CEO of Assured Data Protection, explained: “We’re committed to protecting people’s data, it’s in our DNA as individuals and as a business. ProtectView is part of our core managed service. It  complements the Rubrik data plane management strategy and we’re delighted to have transformed ProtectView into a standalone proposition that is now available to the wider Rubrik community. What’s even more exciting is that we’ve only scratched the surface of what the platform is capable of. It’s constantly evolving and can be configured to support any number of enterprise functions.”

Wendy Bahr, Chief Commercial Officer, at Rubrik, added: “Assured Data Protection is a trusted partner of ours and has been delivering Rubrik as a managed service for several years. We’re excited to see them build on their success by launching the ProtectView platform, which is a complementary service offered by Assured Data Protection and is compatible with our portfolio of solutions. It allows businesses to accelerate their Rubrik adoption and improve their data management and monitoring capabilities. Furthermore, the platform helps businesses manage their Rubrik estate and automate managed service capabilities.”

Michael Labate, Director of Global IT at the Middelby Corporation, had the following to say about ProtectView and the difference it makes when it comes to managing data protection on a global scale: “With over 70 business subsidiaries, developing and delivering against a global standard for data protection and disaster recovery is a tall order. We leveraged our proven relationship with CDW to lead us to the team at Assured.  The combination of Rubrik technology and Assured’s ProtectView platform gives us an infinitely scalable service delivery model that is strictly pay for use and gives us a single pane of glass to, at a glance, know exactly how every backup set under management is performing, around the world.”

To book a demo of ProtectView, please contact the team on [email protected].

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