Why Rubrik Security Cloud (RSC)?

Modern IT shops are continuing to embrace models that include on-prem, public cloud, and SaaS services to fulfill all the needs of their business. The Rubrik Security Cloud brings a single pane of glass to your cyber resiliency strategy, regardless of where your data lives. Zero trust by design, the RSC brings a global, policy driven strategy to enforcing data security strategies with automated discovery to ensure fast and predictable recoveries.

What Does This Mean to Me?

Over the course of the coming months, we will be migrating the Assured customers into the Rubrik Security Cloud based on an internal prioritizing method. Migration will not impact any existing running backups, archived data, or scripting that is running against your local appliance. Additionally, the daily reports will continue to come throughout the process to keep you informed of the status of your backups.

What Should I Expect?

Migrations will happen in a multi-step process that runs as follows:

    • Customer RSC Environment Enabled
      • Welcome e-Mail with logins for customer users will be sent out. You should receive an email that looks like this:
      • At this point you can login and look around to try out the UI!
    • Authentication Configuration
      • Customers who would like to link SSO or need many user’s setup, will work through this step to ensure all those who need access, have access.
    • SLA Domain Migration
      • After confirming that all required users can access the environment successfully, Assured will migrate or recreate all local SLA Domains that protect objects into the new Global SLA Domain type
      • Once migrated, SLA Domains can only be modified from the Rubrik Security Cloud and the On-Prem UI (known as Crystal or CDM) no longer is needed.

When Should I Expect to be Migrated?

Assured is targeting to have all migrations completed before the end of July 2024. Rubrik is working closely with Assured to ensure any unexpected challenges can be worked through together to meet this target, as well as supporting any unique situations that require extended support to facilitate the process.

What do I Need to do?

Assured will handle the migration for all our managed customers and there is not a specific task that needs to be done. Assured will reach out if there are any questions specific to a customer environment that requires special handling.

How do I Learn More?

Assured will be hosting a webinar for understanding how to perform basic tasks in RSC that you would normally perform in the on-premises UI. The Assured support desk is happy to field any questions regarding the migration process that you may have. Alternatively, customers are welcome to reach out to their Client Services contact to talk about the service and discuss the process.