• Strengthened support systems, leading to increased confidence from internal team
  • Regular, consistent and independent reporting
  • Transformation of storage strategy with cloud solutions


  • Systems susceptible to malware and encryption attacks
  • Ineffective backup and storage solutions
  • Further digital innovation required for visitor experience


  • 24/7 management and expertise to support small team
  • Strong and robust internal backup system
  • Secure, cost-effective and streamlined approach

Incorporated in 1923, the Thomas Jefferson Foundation was created to preserve and operate Monticello, the plantation home and architectural masterpiece of Thomas Jefferson. With a two-fold mission of preservation and education; the Foundation based near Charlottesville, Virginia, has attracted nearly 27 million visitors. It is the only presidential house in the United States designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Foundation seeks to facilitate conversations about all aspects of life at Monticello. Through virtual, off-site and on-site engagement, the Foundation seeks to excite the world about Jefferson’s relevance today and ignite a passion for history.

“A backup solution is only as good as the environment that it sits in.  Whatever changes we make in the future, Rubrik and Assured will be included”
-Andrew Huff, Director of Information Technology, Thomas Jefferson Foundation.

With a wealth of data, information and opportunity at their fingertips, the team at the Thomas Jefferson Foundation understands the importance of a strong and secure backup and security system.

To ensure maximum network stability and data protection, the team made the decision to undergo a complete overhaul of their outdated processes. As well as providing peace of mind for the Foundation and their customers, this overhaul would give the team a solid platform to digitally innovate – enhancing the visitor experience for those visiting Monticello.

After a thorough investigative process with the desire to use Rubrik at the core, the team came across Assured, who ticked all the boxes when looking for a new approach to data management, security and backup.

“In the past we used a software-based backup solution that used existing infrastructure. It required a lot of resources, hardware, time and effort.
Alongside a fantastic reputation, Assured offered all of the other critically important aspects to having a solid data management, security system and backup strategy.

“Having access to a third-party data center and multiple extra sets of eyes monitoring the environment was a huge bonus for us. This was alongside the technical support to get things up and running and a bespoke, personalized plan that was crafted specifically for our business. The result? A really strong and  robust internal backup solution that is entirely fit for purpose.”

As well as a refresh and redesign to their backup system, Assured also offered the Thomas Jefferson Foundation a more accurate and streamlined approach to connectivity, optimizing the network and the connections between Rubrik and the targets which needed backup.

In the past, the security and storage systems used by the team were susceptible to malware and encryption attacks. Through Assured, the team is sent daily progress reports, with any issues detected automatically highlighted. This offers a more secure, cost-effective and streamlined approach, saving the team at the Thomas Jefferson Foundation time and valuable resources.

Infrastructure Manager, Ryan, explains:

“At the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, we just don’t have the manpower to be able to deal with all of our data management, security and backup systems  internally. With Rubrik, we have peace of mind and trust in the Assured team who let us know  immediately when a problem occurs. Having this knowledge and expertise on-hand is a huge improvement, and our team feels so much more confident about our ability to restore data quickly as a result.”

Rubrik as a Service from Assured Data Protection

Rubrik offered the Thomas Jefferson Foundation an updated, streamlined and secure system for data management, security and backup. With previous outdated systems becoming a strain on resources, Rubrik was able to strengthen the Foundation’s support systems and offer regular, consistent and automatic reporting, increasing confidence and giving the team space to focus on enhancing visitor experiences elsewhere.

With data management expertise and a strong and robust platform, Assured have transformed the Foundation’s approach to data solutions offering peace of mind and a cost-effective outcome. Rubrik key benefits for the Thomas Jefferson Foundation

Rubrik key benefits for the Thomas Jefferson Foundation

  • Data management expertise offering peace of mind for data restoration
  • Off-site monitoring, management and maintenance of all systems
  • A consistent, streamlined approach to data management, storage and security
  • A cost-effective platform for the team to enhance digital innovation
  • Reduction in malware and encryption attacks
  • Regular, automatic reporting

The Future for Assured Data Protection and the Thomas Jefferson Foundation

We’ve been extremely happy with Rubrik as a Service from Assured and we intend on being a long-term client”

While the Thomas Jefferson Foundation tends to focus on history, the future also looks bright for this partnership. Admitting they do not use the services offered by Assured to their fullest extent, the team at the Thomas Jefferson Foundation plan to work together with Assured in the future to make sure they are maximizing the potential of the services offered and extract as much value as they can from the experts.

With digital innovation being a key focus for the Foundation going forwards, the services offered by Assured fully compliment this strategy by offering a solid foundation for the team to build on in the future.

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