• A more modern, intuitive interface An increased amount of storage to avoid spiraling charge
  • Limited budget and resources
  • Slick disaster easy system recovery
  • Competitive pricing and flexible payments system
  • Safely stored and securely encrypted data
  • A bespoke system at a cost that suited the client
  • A slick and user- friendly interface
  • A seamless handover from the previous provider

Offering comfort, craftmanship and security, William Davis has been building homes across the Midlands for the past 85 years. With their work underpinned by strong family values and understanding, William Davis is one of the most well-respected housing developers in the region, designing and building with homeowners in mind.

Priding themselves on exceptional customer service and attention to detail, the business has been rated a five-star homebuilder in the Home Builders Federation’s annual survey of homeowners for the past four years, meaning more than 90% of customers are extremely happy with their home and the William Davis experience

After a cumbersome and ineffective experience with an earlier provider, William Davis Homes decided to switch to Rubrik through Assured Data Protection. Looking for effective storage, security and cloud backup solutions, William Davis Homes’ needs and requirements were twofold:

  • A local and cloud backup system for their data
  • Disaster recovery

After trialing other products, IT Manager, Paul and the team at William Davis Homes made the decision to use Assured Data Protection because of their competitive pricing and bespoke, personalized service. Paul quickly discovered that Rubrik also offered greater flexibility and a quicker recovery time than other platforms currently on the market.

“Assured offer fantastic, unparalleled levels of communication,” Paul explained. “Never pushy and with an open, honest dialog, I felt as though we were getting a product designed for much larger businesses, but at a cost that suited us.”

Because of the approach Assured takes with Rubrik, clients never pay for services they don’t use or need. With this in mind, smaller businesses can take advantage of the flexibility on offer without having to worry about spiraling charges and hidden fees.

According to the team at William Davis Homes: “The system just works.”

With a daily email to update clients, ADP offers a hassle-free approach to data storage, security and backup. If issues arise, the friendly team are on hand offer support and solutions, which ultimately saves time and provides greater peace of mind that data behind the scenes is behaving as it should.

“Assured is slick in terms of allowing us to get back online when a problem does arise,” said Paul. “My team now have the peace of mind they didn’t before and I feel comfortable that all our files are easily recoverable, safely stored and securely encrypted. As a customer-facing business with a host of personal information at our fingertips, this is key.”

The team also noted how flexible the payments system was through ADP, alongside the bespoke nature of the product and package on offer. For many businesses, having to pay one annual, upfront cost is a huge investment, so having a range of options for payments works in the client’s favor, offering true value for money.

William Davis Homes also explained how ADP gave the team more for their money in terms of storage, which meant that they were never in danger of being billed for extra usage. ADP also offered hardware free of charge and oversaw a seamless handover from the previous client, which removed any worry that William Davis would be left with an exposed system.


Assured was delighted to offer local and cloud backup services, alongside disaster recovery for the team at William Davis Homes. With a knowledgeable, friendly team working behind the scenes to support their client, Rubrik offered a sleek and effective solution for a business who had previously been concerned about paying for services they didn’t use or need. Delivering greater flexibility and bespoke packages for the team, Assured was able to assist William Davis Homes with improved infrastructure and a safe, secure data management platform.

  • Competitive, flexible pricing and greater storage solutions for increasing levels of data
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface with easily accessibly search functionality and file recovery
  • Quick recovery time allowing the team to revert back online without interruption
  • No danger of hidden, spiraling costs and client being billed for additional storage usage
The future for Assured Data Protection and William Davis Homes

With powerful search capabilities and the opportunity to securely host more information than ever before, the team at William Davis Homes is confident that they will enjoy a long and prosperous relationship with ADP and Rubrik.

With complete buy in from the wider team, every aspect of the partnership – from security, to backup solutions, communication and flexibility – has ensured that William Davis Homes has the space to flourish as a business without worrying about the safety of their data or spiraling costs on their balance sheets.

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