• Time-draining and costly legacy solution: Product coming to ‘end of life’ and the replacement quoted at 3 times the cost

  • Migration to M365: Legacy solution could not backup M365

  • Hurricane-prone location: DR plan needed to be robust and cloud-based to comply with FDIC requirements

  • Immutable Backup, DR and M365 solution: To protect the bank from phishing attacks or malicious deletion of data

  • Huge cost savings and enhanced service: Based on numerous quotes from other MSPs

  • Annual DR tests: For total peace of mind against natural disasters and cyber threats

  • 24/7/365 support: From a responsive team of experts

  • Daily email status report: Assured’s native platform ProtectView gives a daily snapshot of backups

  • Hurricane and cyber-proof: Cloud-based solution enabling total compliance with FDIC

Texas Champion Bank (TCB) operates as a regional bank with 10 branches and approximately 9000 customers. TCB’s primary objective is to cultivate enduring, loyal relationships by delivering top-tier service with personalized attention, fostering growth for both the company and their local communities.

Dain Denkeler has served as the Vice President of IT at TCB for more than eight years, overseeing a team of three. The IT strategy entails outsourcing any feasible IT services to maintain operational efficiency, allowing the team to remain agile and effectively serve the bank. This approach eliminates the need for handling upgrades, updates, staffing, and training related to managing their own backup and disaster recovery systems. The team’s primary goals revolve around ensuring compliance, reducing costs for the bank, and delivering optimal solutions for their customers.


TCB had an outdated backup and DR solution nearing its end of life. Replacement quotes came in at three times the previous cost, prompting Dain to explore alternative options. After obtaining multiple quotes, Assured emerged as the most cost-effective solution, offering both backup and DR services along with the capability to backup their M365 data as a managed service.

The primary concern for TCB’s data security lay in human error or deliberate deletion. Dain sought a solution capable of mitigating this risk while ensuring compliance requirements were met. Additionally, as TCB operates in a hurricane-prone region, the threat of natural disasters posed a significant risk. Therefore, Dain prioritized a cloud-based backup and DR solution to safeguard against potential disruptions caused by hurricanes.


Dain was introduced to Assured by a peer, and upon receiving a cost-saving quote that bundled backup, DR, and M365 backup, he was convinced. The crucial feature of immutability made Rubrik an ideal choice, aligning perfectly with TCB’s needs. Outsourcing to an MSP also aligned with the bank’s IT strategy.

TCB’s compliance requirements include retaining data for seven years as per FDIC regulations, a task seamlessly handled by Assured, powered by Rubrik.


“Assured has been working great, Rubrik’s been working great. The biggest time sink we have on the IT side with any product is when something does go wrong, being able to get hold of support and, crucially, somebody that’s knowledgeable enough to fix the issue. That’s what we’ve seen again, and again, from Assured. Any issues we have get fixed very quickly, so we can move on with other projects.

As well as the great service we receive, after looking at hardware, software, and employee costs, we’re saving a lot of money outsourcing our backup and DR through managed service providers compared to maintaining an in-house backup solution.”

– Dain Denkeler, Vice President of IT at Texas Champion Bank

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