Founded in 1999, Dataedge is a trusted IT solutions provider with more than 500 clients across multiple industries, many of which have been clients for 20+ years. Dataedge help clients solve the most complex IT challenges, keeping their data and network safe, operational and optimized. Dataedge like to act as an extension of their clients’ IT teams, always providing a customized consultancy approach, ensuring the client receives the best and most cost-effective solution for their business.

Rob Didlake, Founder and CEO at Dataedge, established the business in 1999. During the 80’s and 90’s he was an Engineer for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), responsible for supporting organizations who relied on their VMS, UNIX, and Windows infrastructure to operate their businesses.

Dataedge’s backup, disaster recovery and cyber security solutions are powered Rubrik, and delivered as a fully managed service by Assured Data Protection (Assured).


“We started working with Rubrik as it was a fantastic technology with features that other vendors couldn’t provide. Immutability had become a key feature our clients were looking for, and that was a big factor for us in deciding to go with Rubrik. We have complete confidence that backups with Rubrik are 100% immutable.”

Rob then wanted to find a managed service provider (MSP) that could offer Rubrik as a managed service.

“I found Assured Data Protection and realized I already knew the founders, Simon Chappell and Stacy Hayes. It was the perfect fit. Their Rubrik as a managed service solution, combined with the confidence I already had in their technical team was a no-brainer for us. We knew instantly that they would be a great strategic partner for Dataedge.”


Dataedge’s client requirements are varied, with the need for hybrid solutions often being top of the list. Working with Assured means that Rob and his team can meet those needs with a tailored service whether clients want backup on-premises and DR in the cloud, or to own their own hardware and choose a consumption only model.

“Whatever the situation or the size of the client, Assured works with us to solve our clients’ challenges.”

Partnering with Assured has enabled Dataedge to offer Rubrik as a Service as an operational expense. This model is becoming ever more popular, allowing businesses to spread costs over a fixed period.

“We see more and more companies who want their backups and DR to be managed. Although they initially think this may cost more, they often discover our solutions work out cheaper, and with total peace of mind that their data is fully secure.”

Rob and his team also have the support of the Assured sales and IT teams, who being the first and largest Rubrik managed service provider, means they are always on hand with expert product and technical knowledge.

“I have been on several calls with clients and the Assured team including; Stacy, Andrew and Colin, and their knowledge is always spot on. They are always able to answer the clients’ questions in a friendly and straight-forward way.”


The additional services Dataedge now offer have opened a number of opportunities for the business.

“Because we have built such strong relationships with our clients, it’s easy for us to have a conversation with them about their backup, DR and cyber security plans. We make sure they have a robust plan in place, and Assured’s DR model makes it an easy win for us.”

“We now have a variety of clients utilizing Rubrik as a Service in different verticals, including the education, HR & financial sectors. This has expanded our portfolio as we can demonstrate expertise to new clients irrespective of their industry.”


After building up close and trusted relationships with their clients, Dataedge needed a partner they could trust to continue to provide the excellent service their clients are accustomed to.

“One of the key reasons I teamed up with Assured is because they’re good people, and you know they are going to do what they say they’re going to do. Building trust is so important for us, we have that with our clients and it’s important to have it with our partners too.”

“We trust each other, I know that together we’re going to do what’s right for the client and not just do a product pitch. We’re solution salespeople. We must sell the value of our solutions and that’s how we make our living. Trust between Assured and Dataedge is crucial and I feel confident I can introduce Assured to any of our clients’.”

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