A large, heavily regulated global financial institution using Rubrik and Assured Data Protection’s Managed Services to protect more than 3PB of data across their private data centers worldwide.

Traditionally the customer has been a private cloud, on-premises first user. This approach was being transitioned to a ‘cloud first’ stance with a push to migrate all workloads to their Azure platform, making use of Logging as a Service and Platform as a Service.

Workloads include:
• VMware
• Physical Windows & UNIX platforms
• MSSQL and Oracle Database


The customer’s data is the lifeblood of their organization, with protection and recoverability of their systems paramount. This was a non-negotiable stance taken when considering moving data into the cloud.

The customer challenged Assured and Rubrik to architect a solution that would give them complete ‘feature parity’ between their on-premises and cloud workloads to ensure that their way of working was not impacted before, during or after the migration of applications and services being provided to the wider business.


Assured designed and implemented the plan to refactor Rubrik on-premises to optimize its performance for the cloud and leverage specific cloud capabilities, without changing the user experience. Using the entire Rubrik Security Cloud toolset, we were able to deliver a solution that met the customer’s technical, functional and operational requirements.


• Maintained the same level of compliance reporting demanded from on-premises deployment, not achievable with Azure DPM alone.

• Reduced global data center footprint from 10+ dedicated data centers to six collocation racks, reducing RU from 200 to approximately 8 RU.

• No additional professional service, management or training costs. The project was completed under the current managed services contract.

• Employed a zonally redundant Rubrik Cloud Cluster ES. This is the Rubrik cloud data management (CDM) platform running on top of Azure Blob storage in a configuration that enables the customer to maintain both data integrity and backup and recovery activity to function in the event of an Azure zonal outage.

• Migrated all Rubrik on-premises backup tools and functionality to the cloud.

• On-premises CDM ensures the workloads that are not suitable or not cloud appropriate are still protected in the same manner as today.

• Rubrik Security Cloud provides a single pane of glass to control all workloads and backups, on both CDM clusters on-premises and in the cloud, providing global workloads a single home, rather than protecting and managing multiple on-premises data centers.

• Reporting and monitoring connections to existing tools such as ServiceNow and Splunk were maintained and there was continuity during the entire migration process.

Each of these elements was brought together using our AssuredView technology to enable a seamless and continual view for the customer, regardless of which technology or location their workloads resided within.

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