Welcome Assured DP Newbies!

New Team

So, we moved in to our new offices in Washington DC earlier in the year but we’ve been ratting around it with only the original team of 3, finally we’re happy to announce that the extra desks will be filled!

We’ve decided to grow the team and brought on board roles in both the sales and the techy teams, with the introduction of Brian Dutton, our new Director of Channels and Jona Blocker, Solutions Architect. So, let’s take a little look at our two new starters, their experience and what they have to say about their new role…

“My name is Brian Dutton and I’m excited to announce that I have joined Assured Data Protection as Director of Channels, Americas.  This is a particularly strategic (and overall “feel good”) move because I worked with Andrew Eva (US Director of Technology and Operations) and Stacy Hayes (Co-founder and EVP of Americas) at their previous company, DS3 DataVaulting in 2006.

“My responsibility was to support the channel relationships and grow the business.  Along with Andrew and Stacy, I rode the wave of acquisition as DS3 was purchased by Terremark and then Verizon.  I have since been consulting for Colocation providers in the Ashburn, VA market.  When I heard about Assured DP and their Rubrik aaS model, not only was I excited, I was compelled to join the team!

“Rubrik is a disruptive force and a visionary in the data backup and DR marketplace. I believe we can help our customers solve a significant problem.  And the great thing is we can do it affordably and better than others in our space.  Reducing RTO and TCO with an easy automation set up is just the tip of the spear.  We can help build and manage the backups, DR, Archive and even help our customers move data in and out of different cloud environments.  Add in our access to Cloud Exchange at Equinix and our story is even more compelling”.

Brian Dutton, Director of Channels, Americas

Welcome Jona!

“I came to the Assured DP team after 7 years at ePlus, from the recommendation of the ePlus CIO, Mark Melvin, directly to Stacy Hayes (Co-founder and EVP of Americas).

“At ePlus I supported Terremark and Verizon, mostly MNSO and EIS.   Andrew Eva (US Director of Technology and Operations) and I crossed paths a couple times in the distant past while I was at ePlus. Andrew was working on a supermicro based, multi-hypervisor-based cloud platform for Terremark jointly with ePlus, and this is how we met initially.

“I am a 25 year IT veteran with a focus on cloud, datacenter, and storage in both the presales and post sales fields. I have extensive federal government experience inside government datacenter as an EMC resident, and also have experience with state and local government IT.

“Why Rubrik? Why Assured Data Protection? Rubrik is easy to use, and has been dominating backup conversations for the last two years in enterprise IT.  AND everyone needs backup. Assured DP has a solid foundation, with well known industry veterans proven in their fields”.

Jona Blocker, Solutions Architect, Americas

We wish you both well and looking forward to working with you.