Rubrik Integration

When you already have platforms that you work with on a daily basis you want your backup solution to work with these, Rubrik does just that.

With smooth integration with ServiceNow, Oracle, SQL and Kroll, Rubrik is the perfect solution to help you maintain your day to day requirements at a more effective rate.

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Improve your Message Level Restore

Rubrik + MLR

Exchange Message Level Restore can sometimes be a challenge, it’s slow, complicated and limited in capabilities. Rubrik can eradicate these complicated techniques by leveraging a combination of their Live Mount functionality and digital forensics companies, such as Kroll, to perform simple, easy and speedy recovery.

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Get more from ServiceNow

ServiceNow with Rubrik Integration

Rubrik + ServiceNow

Change the way you use ServiceNow with Rubrik integration with instant recovery, a single SLA policy engine and automated data management workflows across the entire infrastructure.

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SQL backup in minutes

Rubrik + SQL

Rubrik’s latest development is Live Mount which has been specially introduced for SQL Server databases. This allows backup of databases online in only seconds meaning you can achieve near-zero RTOs whilst having incremental forever backups and point-in-time restores.

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Rubrik Integration with SQL

Oracle made simple

Rubrik Integration with Oracle

Rubrik + Oracle

Oracle is one of the biggest database providers in the world but when it comes to backing up it can often be difficult to use the more traditional methods. Rubrik makes Oracle backup easy, effective and lower cost.

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Easy Pure storage

Rubrik + Pure Storage

 Ensuring your data center and applications are protected seamlessly with little or no issues can sometimes be a challenge. The integration of Pure Storage and Rubrik can address many of your data center long term and short term problems .

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