Near-zero RTO (from an hour to seconds)

55% TCO savings

80% Data center footprint reduction

90% time management savings

The Challenge

Avoid lengthly down time to keep systems up and running 24/7

Speed up backup performance

A solution that integrates into a fully virtualised environment

The Solution

Automate backup using SLA policies speeding up the process to meet business requirements and compliance.

Elimination of tape with archival to Cloudian for faster recovery

Find out how we can improve your backup and recovery

Established in 2000, Richmond Housing Partnership (RHP) is a non-profit housing organization located in the United Kingdom. Headquartered in Teddington, RHP owns 10,000 properties with operations in Richmond, Hounslow, Brentford, Slough, and Reading. RHP has won several awards over the years for their commitment to being an excellent service provider and great place to work.

Riaz Ashruf, Infrastructure Manager, oversees all infrastructure and networking at RHP. “It’s our primary responsibility to support the business so it can focus on providing first-rate customer service to our tenants. We receive 100,000 calls through our service sector every year. It’s imperative that our systems are available 24/7 to guarantee effective business operations,” said Riaz. “Prior to Rubrik, I was concerned about lengthy downtime in the event of a system failure. Rubrik eliminated that fear completely.”

Management complexity and unreliable backups with legacy architecture

Prior to Rubrik, Riaz had little confidence in their previous backup solution. “Our previous backup infrastructure was unreliable and time-consuming, often resulting in failed backups,” Riaz said. “Recovery was also a huge pain point. We used to archive data to a virtual tape library in the cloud which was extremely cumbersome when we needed to recover files. We would have to first download the tape in the cloud and then restore it using our backup solution, which could take hours.”

To guarantee reliability and fast recovery, RHP began its search for a new backup solution purpose-built with simplicity and speed in mind. As a forward-looking company, they also wanted a solution that was future-proof and fit with the organization’s broader modernisation strategy. “We were blown away when we first saw Rubrik in action. With Rubrik, you could restore a database in seconds. We also loved that it provided a single interface across all our applications. There wasn’t a single vendor that offered a comparable solution to Rubrik in the market.”

“Rubrik was the undisputed winner after evaluating all vendors on both value they provided to the business and cost savings,” added Riaz. “Additionally, Rubrik coupled with Assured Data Protection was a perfect fit since they both provided next-gen services. With Assured Data Protection, we receive exemplary customer service, proactive communication, and deep expertise in the Rubrik Cloud Data Management platform.”

Seamless data archival to Cloudian with Rubrik

RHP is currently protecting Windows, Linux, SQL, Exchange and other business critical applications with Rubrik for their 100% virtualised environment. Benefits include:

Disaster Recovery as a Service “Assured DP have been able to quickly and seamlessly integrate with our recovery provider to enable us to maintain the provision of physical workspace with our new cloud DRaaS platform. The whole process from installation to full DR test was completed inside two weeks, proving Assured DP’s ability to execute quickly and efficiently”

Near-zero RTOs: “With our legacy solution, it could take two hours to restore from the cloud. Now, it only takes seconds. Additionally, our RPO with our previous vendor was two weeks. With Rubrik, it’s a maximum of two days (although we know we can recover in a few hours). This will allow us to establish a stronger DR strategy moving forward.

5x faster backup performance: “Previously, we had 48 hour backup windows. With Rubrik, it only take 10 hours to do a full backup.”

Data archival to Cloudian: “With Assured DP, we moved all our backups to Cloudian HyperStore and eliminated tape. In the future, we plan on migrating our legacy workloads from on-premises to the cloud. Additionally, since Rubrik is vendor-agnostic, we can choose from any public or private cloud vendor that fits our needs today and tomorrow.”

90% management time savings: “We used to spend 2-3 hours managing our previous solution. If there was a failure, it could take a whole day to resolve. With Rubrik’s policy automation and easy-to-use interface, we only spend a few minutes per day on backup.”

80% reduced data center footprint: “After Rubrik, we eliminated our SAN. We have achieved dramatic storage savings, reducing our data center footprint from 10U to 2U.”

Total hard savings before and after Rubrik

After Rubrik, RHP has achieved 55% TCO savings. “We had immediate cost savings from consolidating tape, backup software, and servers into one platform, eliminating increasing licensing and hardware costs. Coupled with ease of use, Rubrik has amplified management savings while freeing up time for innovation,” Said Riaz.