Near-zero RTO (from an hour to seconds)

Significant management time savings

TCO Savings 

The Challenge

Lengthy recovery times with a difficult-to-use solution

Slow and unreliable backup performance with tape

Inability to meet data protection laws with current backup solution

The Solution

Automated policies to align with business SLAs and compliance requirements

Elimination of tape
backup and cloud-native architecture for future possibilities

Replication for disaster recovery

Find out how we can improve your backup and recovery

Prater is the UK’s leading specialist contractor delivering high quality and cost-effective design and installation services for the complete building envelope. The firm’s portfolio consists of prestigious landmark projects including Arsenal FC’s Emirates stadium, the Olympic Velodrome and Stadium, and the Crystal project for Siemens. Prater is a Lindner Group company headquartered in Salfords, Surrey in the United Kingdom.

Simon Fuller, IT System Manager, oversees all the infrastructure and networking across the UK offices. “To ensure our business operations run smoothly, we have to keep our systems up and running 99.9% of the time. My team of six supports 500 users across the company’s entire UK group,” said Fuller. “Rubrik ensures that all our applications and data are available instantly across our offices and construction sites while providing immediate ROI from CapEx and OpEx savings.”

Stuck in the past with lengthy recovery times and backup failures

As Prater shifted towards virtualization and scaled their business, their current backup solution was unable to meet their business needs. “Our previous solution wasn’t built with the user in mind. Both the UI and software was aging as it was based on a Windows 95 interface. As time went on, it never progressed and was very hard to use for restoring data. If we had to perform a recovery, it would take an hour or more depending on the size of the data,” said Fuller. “Also, since skill sets vary from person to person, we needed a UI that didn’t require extensive training.”

Additionally, Prater was experiencing performance issues and difficulty of management with tape. “We were heavily reliant on tape backup, which was very costly and unreliable. If one job failed, the entire backup would fail for that day. It wasn’t resistant to failures,” said Fuller.

Accelerate performance and compliance with a future-proof architecture

To complement its push to a modern approach, Prater began evaluating other data management solutions. “After speaking with Assured Data Protection, I was confident that Rubrik had the best technology in the market to address our needs. Rubrik also provided use cases beyond backup. We were getting core data protection functions, such as backup, replication, and recovery, along with the ability to archive to the cloud in the future,” said Fuller. “We chose to partner with Assured Data Protection because of their deep knowledge of Rubrik and enthusiasm for the product.” Additional benefits of Rubrik include:

Automated policies with self-managing architecture: “With Rubrik, we are always confident that their solution just works. Rubrik ensures that all our SLAs are met, continuously and efficiently taking backups to meet the defined SLA. It’s technology is built on a self-healing, fault-tolerant architecture which ensures that there is no single point of failure and all policies are met.”

Replication for disaster recovery: “We are using Rubrik to backup our data to Assured Data Protection as well as to replicate information from our head office to our secondary site in Birmingham. Rubrik provides us with a more robust solution, building our confidence that in the event of data loss or a failure, we can get our data back quickly.”

Instant recovery: “In the past, it was extremely difficult to retrieve a specific file, VM, or database when we needed it. Rubrik took our recovery times down from an hour to seconds. It made recovery simple out-of-the-box and didn’t require any manual configuration.”

GDPR and regulatory compliance: “We must comply with a data protection law that mandates that we need to retain our data for ten years. With our previous solution, the software couldn’t handle that, so we were heavily relying on tape. However, tape backups weren’t reliable. With Rubrik, we can address these strict regulations. As we move forward, we have no doubt that Rubrik will help us meet GDPR compliance and align with the security processes that we implement.”

Significant management time savings with a consumer-grade UI: “We went from a clunky to an extremely easy-to-use software that anyone can pick up and learn in minutes. We are seeing huge time savings from Rubrik’s ease-of-use, freeing up our time for innovation.”

Future-proof for cloud: “Rubrik offers comprehensive functionality that could save us time and money as we move forward. It integrates with any cloud, such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform. In the future, Rubrik gives us the possibility to move away from tape backup and begin using public cloud to further our data management strategy.”