Assured Data Protection

Only great people can deliver great service.

Our Background

Drawing on over 75 years of collective industry experience, Assured DP has created what it believes to be the simplest platform to meet the data protection and disaster recovery requirements for your organisation. The founding directors’ professional experience lies specifically in data protection. Their knowledge and expertise is unparalleled and sets Assured DP apart from other Rubrik service providers and software vendors.

Managed Service

Assured Data Protection specialises in data protection and disaster recovery services for large SME and enterprise organisations. Assured DP has built a fully managed service overlay around their core technology provider Rubrik. Rubrik-as-a-Service delivers an all-encompassing solution that enables their clients to focus on what really matters: their own production environment.

With the increasing transition of workloads into the virtual space, traditional backup products are simply adapting to change rather than innovating and evolving. This presents solutions that struggle to keep up with advancements in technology, as they must modify the ageing code base from a physical tape based requirement to a virtual, disk or cloud based solution. The result is limited and slow innovation in the backup and recovery market.

Rubrik are changing this trend by completely reinventing the way backup and disaster recovery is implemented and managed for businesses. The notion that any backup solution is sufficient to be compliant, that disaster recovery rarely works, and that its onerous and expensive to manage, is something that Assured DP tackle head on.

Assured DP's solutions are designed to meet compliance requirements, and can be installed and configured within 30-60 minutes. This is a cheaper and simpler solution to manage, with clean and intuitive HTML5 interfaces. There is no other product that can deliver this level of functionality and service at such a low cost.

The Company

Assured DP has been forged by experts end to end, from the software to the service.

Our Cloud

Assured DP can implement bespoke clouds to provide the right fit for your requirements.



Assured DP is Rubrik's largest dedicated global partner.